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Martha is a resident and homeowner of Aurora since 2000. 

A native of El Paso, TX, Martha was born to a Mexican immigrant mother and Puerto Rican father. Her mother was a janitor and her father was an Army sergeant/disabled veteran who served in both the Korean conflict and Vietnam. Her job as a probation officer brought her to Colorado from her native state of Texas. She served the 18th Judicial District Probation Department (Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert and Lincoln Counties) as a sworn officer from 2000 through 2010. 


As a leftist, progressive Democrat, Martha has been endorsed by:

Current Endorsements:

  • AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees)
  • CO State Rep Joseph Salazar
  • Colorado Working Families
  • Denver Area Labor Federation
  • Local Berniecrats Denver
  • Sheet Metal Workers' Local Union #9

Check out Martha's environmental scorecard on Colorado Rising's website here: https://corising.org/all-cities/aurora-candidates/

2017 Endorsements:

  • Colorado People's Action
  • Our Revolution Metro Denver
  • Denver Area Labor Federation
  • Working Families Party
  • The Aurora Sentinel
  • People's Action (National)

Supported by Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado

A public servant with a passion for the beauty of diversity.
As she’s continued her journey of public service, she served a term as commissioner on the city of Aurora's newly formed Immigrant and Refugee Commission. She served one term on the Human Relations Commission (civil rights commission). 

She served on the executive board of the Aurora Welcome Center (AWC) as board chair. The AWC has since closed, however, it was a program that assisted immigrants and refugees with their integration process in the metro area. Martha also served on the Rocky Mountain Welcome Center Board which is a new program that is forming that is similar to the model of the Aurora Welcome Center. 

She is actively involved in the community and social justice is one of Martha’s greatest passions. She is proud to call the city of Aurora her home because of the richness of the city that embraces people from many different ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. She has been serving on the advisory board and is a proud member of powerhouse social justice organization:  Colorado People's Alliance as well as sister organization Colorado People's Action.  She's also a member of the ACLU Colorado and the Democratic Socialists of America - Denver chapter.

She is also proud to live in a city that has been named the safest large city in Colorado as well as one of the top safest in the nation!   


Martha is a Ph.D. candidate majoring in organizational development and leadership.
She is currently writing her dissertation to fulfill her requirements for a doctoral degree in Organizational Development and Leadership with specialization in Organizational Diversity. Her dissertation surrounds and encompasses the need for comprehensive immigration reform and its effects on labor law violations as they relate to all immigrants. She holds a master of arts degree in counseling and a bachelor of science degree in social psychology.  

Martha's Progressive Platform

Martha is a running for city council because: 

She is a born leader. Martha has the courage it takes to speak for the needs of others – hence A Voice for The People. She is passionate about the well-being of the greater good and is an advocate for equity. She is a person who strives to be a good steward of the hard-earned revenue that all residents pay in taxes.  Martha was a teenage mother and truly understands the struggles of those who face adversity in their lives. She is a Progressive Democrat and once elected, will strive to  

  • Put the needs of Aurora residents first, putting people over profits.
  • Bring socially responsible jobs to Aurora while continually cultivating small business to follow suit. 
  • Improve recycling initiatives.
  • Become a more environmentally conscience city and push for clean energy.
  • Improve community access to local government and services.
  • Utilizing a co-governing model, continually engage our community to ensure that their voice is ever-present. 
  • Improve roads to include more fluid traffic. 
  • Improve services for the homeless population in Aurora. 
  • Make housing truly more affordable and attainable.
  • Increase our sense of community.
  • Unify our communities through partnerships with local non-profits and other local organizations. 
  • Push for creating an immigrant protection policy for our immigrant and refugee community.
  • Continually engage and protect our vulnerable communities –  including but not limited to those with disabilities, folks with mental illness, the elderly, veterans, children, immigrants and refugees, Millennials, and those who are LGBT. 
  • Continually support community policing efforts of the Aurora Police Department. 
  • Advocate for racial and gender equity.
  • Push for racial unity across our city.
  • Push for making city council a full-time position to better serve our growing city.  
  • Work diligently to support all progressive ideas that benefit the people of the great city of Aurora.    


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